The vintage stores along Grand Rapids’ South Division Avenue are thinking big.

Zabház owner Janna Maris.

On the heels of OTONO’s reveal of a new coffee lounge to fit its recent expansion at 327 Division Ave. S, its cross-street neighbor Zabház has added 1,000 square feet to its location at 222 Division Ave. S.

And to celebrate the big new space, Zabház owner Janna Maris is throwing a Valentine’s Day-themed pop-up market Feb. 10 and 11 from 11am-5pm. The “Friends + Lovers Artist Market” will feature 18 different vendors of handmade jewelry and clothing, vintage resale, art prints, and baked goods.

Zabház hasn’t stopped innovating since Janna opened its doors in July 2022, after six months of pop-ups at coffee shops.

Zabház customer in fur jacket.

The store provides rack space to five vendors who sell vintage clothes and home goods. (It’s also home to Jin, a 16-year-old tuxedo cat. “He’s vintage, too!” Janna pointed out.)

Janna’s vision for Zabház embodies the commitment to diversity that’s characteristic of Grand Rapids’ Heartside neighborhood: “I want my store to be welcoming to everyone, with a focus on the queer community, as well as being size-inclusive and accessible.” 

As for the new space, “My aspiration is to be a center for the community, not just a store. It’s very DIY — very me!” Janna plans to feature additional pop-ups as well as live music and workshops.

The heart of downtown

Janna told ArtRat she’s excited to be part of the growing row of vintage shops in Inner Heartside. Besides Zabház and OTONO, Decaydence Vintage (71 Division Ave. S) and Second Vibess (13 Division Ave. S) are also part of the promenade, as is Second Dance Bridal & Formal Consignment.

Zabház's resident cat, Jin.

“It creates an opportunity to spend a whole afternoon thrifting without having to get into the car,” Janna said. “Park once, or Uber down to the corner of Fulton [Street] and Division, and hit four shops, plus stop for coffee or a meal.” 

Inside tip: Janna suggests visiting on Saturday, when parking is free and all the shops are open.

And what’s the story behind the name Zabház? “My Instagram name was always ‘oatmama’ because I love oatmeal,” Janna told ArtRat.

“At first I wanted to call it The Oat House, but it sounded like a bakery! So I decided to call it ‘zabház,’ which is ‘oat house’ in Hungarian — an ode to my Hungarian grandma, who instilled a love for thrifting in me.”

Zabház is open Wednesday 2-6:30pm; Thursday 2-8pm: and Friday, Saturday and Sunday 12-6:30pm.


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