Performers at ArtRat's Saturday Musicians' Co-op.

Dec. 17 marks the year's last installment of ArtRat Gallery’s Saturday Musicians' Co-op — and our last night of scheduled gallery hours until 2023.

Sign in at 5pm, then perform or spectate from 6-8:30pm. We provide a beautiful space; a PA, backline and drum kit; and a chance to collaborate with musicians, poets and other performing artists across communities and genres.

After Saturday, ArtRat closes its doors until Thursday, Jan. 5. But don’t fret: In the coming weeks, we’ll share more tales of Heartside and more details about our 2023 schedule. 

 And if you’d still like to include ArtRat in your holiday shopping, write for a private showing, or shop with us online!  

🐀🎨❄️🕯️ Happy holidays from ArtRat 🕯️❄️🎨🐀