Participatory Budgeting: The Future Is in Our Hands.

Have you heard about PBGR? It's Grand Rapids' big experiment in giving citizens direct control over the way money is spent. On Saturday, Oct. 1, from 12-6pm, ArtRat Gallery (46 Division Ave. S.) will host the city's first big voting event/party! 

Participatory Budgeting GR "is a democratic process that helps give real people real power over public money. Because of the American Rescue Plan Act, Grand Rapids has access to $2 million dollars in public funding.

"Community members pitched ideas to be funded — now it's time to vote to decide where these dollars will go!" 

ArtRat is honored to represent downtown as the first in a series of events that run Oct. 1 to 5 across all three wards. We'll have DJs, live music, free food and other delights ... And you'll have the satisfaction of knowing you had a say in where our share of that money will go. 

Stay tuned for more details about PBGR's Saturday plans at ArtRat!